Professor Gwarzo is a generous person -Dr Faruq, Registrar, Council of Nursing and Midwifery of Nigeria

In the interest of nursing and midwifery education, Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo, the President of the Group of MAAUN Universities has earned praise for his generosity and esteemed reputation. 

Dr Faruq Umar Abubakar, the Secretary-General/Registrar of the Council of Nursing and Midwifery of Nigeria, commended Professor Gwarzo's benevolent nature during an interaction with journalists at the 11th induction/oath-taking ceremony for foreign-trained graduates.

The induction was held at the Twin Lecture Theatre of the Maryam Abacha American University in Kano on 14th December 2023.

The 340 inductees came from seventeen (17) countries where Maryam Abacha American University, Maradi in the Republic of Niger accounts for 212.

Dr Faruq said; “Prof Gwarzo respected us and we saw that in his action, he honoured us. The arrangement and plans we see for the induction were not far from that of Abuja”. 

He said from now, henceforth, the induction of the foreign-trained graduates will be taken to the various parts of the country. He appreciated Maryam Abacha American University for organizing this year’s induction. 

Dr Faruq emphasized the need for the inductees to use their knowledge to bring positive societal change and encouraged them to serve humanity with dedication. 

He called on the inductees to uphold a high standard of care and professionalism in the nursing profession, addressing any negative perceptions and ensuring that society recognizes the profession as dedicated to helping humanity. “Use your knowledge wisely to bring positive change to the society. Your patient doesn’t differentiate a nurse and non-nurse. Society laid complaints against nurses, change the negative perceptions. Treat the patients well”, he emphasized. 

Professor Gwarzo announced the awarding of free scholarships at the Master's level to the best inductees, showcasing his commitment to education and the development of skilled professionals in the field.

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