MAAUN Kano Express Tremendous Gratitude To All Staff For Successful Completion Of 1st Semester Examination

Dear MAAUN family Members

The Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria, Kano wishes to express its tremendous gratitude to all staff members who helped in ensuring the successful completion of the 1st Semester examination which ended on Saturday, 6th August 2022.

The Management of the University noted that your efforts have helped the University in the discharge of its responsibility– from educating our students, to conducting research, to maintaining essential business operations.

During this challenging time, you have shown us the true character of our university community. Aggies never shrink from a challenge, you always rise to the challenge – with decisive action, inspiring innovation and remarkable determination.

As faculty members, you have demonstrated your incredible care for and commitment to our students. Although circumstances have dramatically altered your plans for research and teaching, you have stepped up at an important moment.

You have shared your collective wisdom and resources with colleagues across the university, working rapidly and tirelessly to rewrite syllabi and take all of our educational efforts online. We know how meaningful your efforts are for our students, and we want you to know how much all of us appreciate your hard work.

We also want to thank and recognize the dedication of our exceptional staff across the university. At a time of great need, you have stepped forward with flexibility, resilience and resolve.

For many members of our University community, this has been a demanding time. So many of you have worked round-the-clock, night and day, without rest or relief. You have had to adjust work schedules and find new solutions for childcare.

While words may be of little comfort, we want you to know this. We all see your efforts. We appreciate all of your contributions and we are all truly grateful for the extraordinary service you rendered.

We also wish to thank you for your support and your continued commitment as we work together to keep everyone safe and carry out our educational mission. 

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