Brainchild of MAAUN Varsity is An Intellectual Hero, Dr Sani Jauro


Dr Sani Jauro, the President of the Proposed Pen Resource University in Gombe, said the brainchild of Maryam Abacha American University in Kano is an intellectual hero that promotes education. 

Dr Jauro made the remarks during a courtesy visit to Maryam Abacha American University, Kano 

Dr Jauro expressed his satisfaction visiting MAAUN Kano, stating that the purpose of his visit was; "the reason I came to visit this university is that I went around many universities that have already licensed so that to see what is happening and emulate them. What I saw in this university impressed me. The infrastructures are beyond a reasonable doubt. Every time I travel, I go to many universities, in all the universities I visited, I do not see a university that has been built like this one. Funds were invested”. 

He went on to say; "The brainchild of this University is an intellectual hero, a promoter of education, who invested more without hesitation to promote education," he emphasized.

"So., we are very proud of the founder of this University, and we hope Almighty God will open the door of prosperity for him, and may God exalt this University to an unexpected level," he said.

While advising Professor Gwarzo, Dr Jauro said; he knows that Professor Gwarzo has been in the university system for a long time since he has University in Niger Republic, “So this is not the first time he has done this. 

Therefore, his steadfastness in this sector is guaranteed. I urge him to work harder to develop this University because there is almost nothing you can do in this country to leave a legacy other than to establish a University, or to provide schools of learning either secular or religious. I urge him that this step he took is the right path, he should be more determined and continue to invest in it”.

Dr Sani Jauro also called on the Federal Government to establish a Bank of Education to develop the education sector in the country, saying the establishment of private universities is very difficult. “Establishing private universities in this country is a daunting task. Nothing is coming from the government to the best of my knowledge. If you have the idea of establishing a private university you have no option other than to borrow money from commercial banks. We know that part of the governments’ duties is to improve the life of its citizens. For instance, there is the Bank of Agriculture and Bank of Industry; we call on the government to establish a Bank of Education; so that not only the universities, but primary, nursery, and secondary schools as well as the universities can borrow money at the Bank with low interest. For example, the interest should not supersede 5 or 9 per cent like it is in the agricultural sector. I think if the government does that it will help to improve education,” he said.

He further expressed that; "No country has ever developed without quality education of its citizens. If you have a Bank of Agriculture and an Industrial Bank, how can you develop agriculture and industry without education?” he asked.

"I call on the federal government to set up a Bank of education or to establish an easy-going fundraiser for education. It is not said to be free. Give it as a loan to people in the education sector with a lower interest that can be affordable. So that people can take it and improve quality education. Come up with principles and stick to them and everyone has to follow those rules for the sake of quality education," he said.

He hoped that the students who would enrol in these private universities would be provided with quality education, saying; "We hope they will get a quality education, which will lead to their salvation in this world and the afterlife which will also benefit the people of Nigeria and the world at large,” he stressed.

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